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How To Get Your Fasting Blood Sugar Below 90/95 and Why This Matters

Fasting blood sugar levels during pregnancy are an important aspect of monitoring your health and the well-being of your developing baby, especially if you have gestational diabetes or are higher-risk. If your doctor has told you to monitor your blood sugars, you may...

3 Reasons Why Intuitive Eating Works For Gestational Diabetes

When it comes to managing gestational diabetes and deciding on your best course of action, you’ll likely be met by a barrage of information and advice. “Eat this, not that.” “Make sure you workout, but not too much.” “Say goodbye to carbs for the next 3 months.” But...

Ice Cream for Gestational Diabetes: I Reviewed 6 Popular Brands

If you have gestational diabetes or are watching your blood sugars in pregnancy, you may be convinced you can no longer enjoy many of your favorite foods. Maybe you’ve believed sweets are completely off limits for the rest of your pregnancy (a nightmare!), or you’re...

5 Gestational Diabetes Friendly Summer Desserts

When you think of gestational diabetes, desserts might not be the first thing that comes to mind (unless you’re thinking about how much you miss them). However, as an intuitive eating dietitian, I believe that a healthy relationship with food includes eating foods you...

Chances of Gestational Diabetes in Second Pregnancy

While pregnancy can be an incredibly transformative and exciting time, it can also come with a lot of stress and uncertainty, especially when you add gestational diabetes to the mix. If you’re currently pregnant with your second child you may be wondering: “what are...

What To Eat Before a Gestational Diabetes Test

Emily Piazza, MD, RDN, CD So your blood glucose test is coming up and you’re feeling… overwhelmed. Questions like “what happens if I don’t pass”, “what even is gestational diabetes”, and “what can I eat before a gestational diabetes test” are top of mind. I know this...

Trader Joe’s Meal Ideas For Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy can be a beautiful journey filled with excitement, but it can also come with its fair share of challenges, especially when managing gestational diabetes. As an intuitive eating and gestational diabetes dietitian, I believe that food should be nourishing,...

Eating Out With Gestational Diabetes: An Ultimate Guide

If you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and are convinced you’re going to have to give up all social events and your favorite restaurants for the next few months I have some good news for you: this isn’t true!  Eating out with gestational diabetes...

21 Snack Ideas for Gestational Diabetes

Should you have snacks when you have gestational diabetes? How will it impact your blood sugar? I get it! Having gestational diabetes probably means you are paying more attention to what and when you eat so you can keep your blood sugar steady and fit all those blood...

Intuitive Eating Principle 10: Gentle Nutrition and Pregnancy

When you’re diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it can be easy to want to start with the 10th principle of intuitive eating: gentle nutrition. This principle is about learning how to balance what your body needs (and what makes it feel good) with what you desire or enjoy. It makes sense that a gestational diabetes diagnosis would cause a desire to better understand your blood sugars and how to support the health of your baby, so I am here to help! 


Emily PiazzaHi! I’m Emily.

I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Full Spectrum Doula, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and mom of 3.

Emily helps pregnant and postpartum folks with gestational diabetes, disordered eating and eating disorders, and body image struggles. Through a weight inclusive, anti-diet lens she helps people confidently feed themselves for a healthy pregnancy and healing postpartum journey.

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